Uncapped Games is a team of veteran developers brought together by passion, enthusiasm, and experience to try and make the world’s next great RTS game.
We grew up playing RTS, got jobs making RTS, and want to make the next great RTS. We’re creating an action-packed PC RTS game with the lowest barrier to entry that is impossible to master.

Team Values

  • For the game

    The game is our priority. All our decisions are made for the betterment of
    the game and our players.

  • Be honest and respectful

    We have a crystal clear vision for the game we want to make but won’t kid
    ourselves if things aren’t working out. Building a great game relies on transparency, honesty,
    and mutual respect.

  • Reasoning over ego

    We have no room for big egos. We will resolve our problems through
    thoughtful, logical and reasonable discussions.


Team Members

David Kim
Jason Hughes
Zhongshan Zhang
Evan Chen
Michael Skacal
Chris Allsopp
  • David Kim, Game Designer

    I still remember playing the first C&C over dial up modem, going to PC rooms to play Red Alert/BW every day after school, watching the first televised BW pro tournament on Tooniverse, and playing BW/War3 competitively. My favorite game of all time is SC2 and am excited to go on this next journey with my previous coworkers that I loved working with throughout my career!

  • Jason Hughes, Producer

    While I’ve always loved RTS games, Warcraft II and StarCraft changed my life. Warcraft II was the first RTS I really sat down and played for long periods of time and StarCraft was my first exposure to LAN parties with friends. All anyone ever heard me talk about was StarCraft and soon enough, that eventually took me to Warcraft III, Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, StarCraft II… The genre is such a huge part of my history with games that the opportunity to work on the next one and make it a huge part of my future with games, is nothing short of amazing!

  • Zhongshan Zhang, Engineer

    Lifetime RTS fan for 20+ years, played Command and Conquer, Red Alert, Starcraft, StarCraft 2. Joining the StarCraft2 team was a dream come true. I share the team’s feeling that RTS needs some improvements to make it more appealing to a broader audience. This is my new dream, building the next greatest RTS for ourselves and for all the fans out there.

  • Evan Chen, Audio

    RTS has always mysteriously signaled itself to me.  I started with the granddaddy Dune II because it came pre-installed on my PC.  I always freaked out over Harkonnen Devastators while chuckling over how chubby they looked.  My college buddy taught me how to beat Brood War 2v6 AI on a Mac with a single-button mouse, and then became a pastor who once gave a StarCraft-themed sermon.  He officiated my wedding. My brother gave me Command & Conquer: Generals as a birthday gift nine months before I joined the C&C development team.  And finally, during discussions about a completely separate project, a recruiter happened to mention there was a new game starting led by an RTS veteran that I knew, interested?  Another signal!

  • Michael Skacal, Engineer

    Grew up playing RTS, beginning with Dune 2.  Played Warcraft 2 on the Kali ladder before moving on to Starcraft / Warcraft 3.  Stayed up late at night watching Pro Broodwar games through OnGameNet (and later GomTV).  Eventually took a trip to South Korea and was able to spectate Code S Starcraft 2 games live. Had the privilege of working on both Starcraft 2 and Heroes of the Storm.

  • Chris Allsopp, Engineer

    Dune 2 on the Sega Mega Drive was my first foray into RTS and I was hooked. I distinctly remember buying C&C: Red Alert on holiday with my parents but I couldn’t play it!! I was so desperate to play it, I spent half my holiday drawing out base layout plans. My favorite game of all time is C&C Generals: Zero Hour! It was so good! Fave RTS gaming moment was playing Homeworld over LAN with my brother. In one tense match he hyperspace jumped his mothership (so costly!!!) only for it to reappear 5 seconds later, literally 1 inch away from its original location! We fell about on the floor laughing… he was just delaying his inevitable demise. I’m very excited to finally get a chance to work on an RTS for the first time ever! Zerg 4 life!!

Open Jobs

Are you eager to join us in this exciting journey? We are seeking talented developers who would love to work on the next PC RTS!