Uncapped Games is a team of veteran developers brought together by passion, enthusiasm, and experience to create our dream RTS game.


We’re creating an action-packed PC RTS, full of massive armies. Customize your army, expand your economy, and advance your technology to dominate your opponents.

Team Values

  • For the Game

    The game is our priority. All our decisions are made for the betterment of
    the game and our players.

  • Be Honest and Respectful

    We have a crystal clear vision for the game we want to make but won’t kid
    ourselves if things aren’t working out. Building a great game relies on transparency, honesty,
    and mutual respect.

  • Reasoning Over Ego

    We have no room for big egos. We will resolve our problems through
    thoughtful, logical and reasonable discussions.


Open Jobs

Are you eager to join us in this exciting journey? We are seeking talented developers who would love to work on the next PC RTS!


Do you have interest but don’t see a role open for you? Please email us your resume and we can keep you in mind whenever a relevant role opens.